Community service…it just feels right.

Serving just feels right. Its as if when service is being done out of purely selfless motives you can sense the face of God smiling down on you. If one were driving past Horizon & Eagleridge schools in Ferndale tonight they may have been wondering what was up with all the people there. Here’s the story. At the end of a long day, when most people are settling down for the evening in front of the TV or at the dinner table or on the couch with a nice book, somewhere around 80 people from CTK decided to do something a bit counter-cultural. Rather than do something for themselves, they wanted to do something for others. So, they put on their grubby work clothes, grabbed some yard tools, loaded up their families in vehicles, and headed out to pull weeds, paint curbs, trim shrubs, spread bark, rake gardens, and get their hands & feet dirty serving our city.

I couldn’t help but think, “This is why the church is here…to give our lives away in selfless service to others with the only motive being love for Jesus & for others.” It just felt right. There was no preaching. No tracks being handed out. No media attention making sure our good deed was getting splashed on the front page of the paper. No t-shirts stating our affiliation. It was just a bunch of ordinary people, who have been given much in Christ, quietly sacrificing an evening to serve others.

I love how The Message says it:

  • Strength is for service, not status. Each one of us needs to look after the good of the people around us, asking ourselves, “How can I help?” Romans 15: 1-2 

But you say, surely there’s something more “spiritual” the church can do to serve! There’s got to be a better use of that many people’s time! Well, maybe, but consider what Jesus did in one of the most famous, and yet simple acts of service in all of history:

  • So [Jesus] got up from the supper table, set aside his robe, and put on an apron. Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the feet of the disciples, drying them with his apron.  John 13: 4-5 

Some grimy feet needed scrubbing, so Jesus scrubbed. Some lengthy hedges needed trimming, so people trimmed. Some neglected gardens needed raking, so people raked. I think the reason “it just feels right” is because its what Jesus would do and its what He calls us to do….expressing love through selfless service.


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